Teams 2021 published

Autocross Aréna Dömsöd 24 HOURS | 31.07.-01.08.2021 MSC Höchstädt 12 HOURS | 14.08.2021 Kecel Ring 24 HOURS | 11.09.-12.09.2021

Rules update 2021

Die aktualisierten Rennregeln für die Rennsaison 2021 sind online! 90 dBA Limit & H-Gurt Pflicht! The updated racing rules for the racing season 2021 are online! 90 dBA limit & H-belt mandatory! A 2021-es szezon versenyszabályzata megtalálható online. Maximum 90 dBA hangerösség & kötelezö a H-biztonsági öv (a gépkocsi átvételnél ellenörizve lesz).

Season 2021 is coming

Are you ready for the new racing season? Have you already repaired your racing car and filled it up for the next race? Only a few days until the publication of the racing calendar with great new racetracks that will offer you pure excitement for the ultimate low-budget long-distance racing experience in Central Europe! Bist…

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